Contour Like a Pro

I’m no expert, but TRUST ME, a girl can be a bronze goddess if she wants too. You can watch all the videos about where to:

  • put your dark and light bronzer and when to blend that
  • put your highlighter (on the bridge of your nose but not a straight line)
  • put your concealer so it gives you a lighter color in some areas but not in others

I’m here to tell you it can be a thousand times EASIER. Yes those tips and tricks do help, but for someone who wants to be a goddess now… i’m here to help. DISCLAIMER: If your way works for you, stick to it, you do you girl!:)

First things first, don’t go and spend $50 on a Bobbi Brown bronzer (I would love to have one but it’s unnecessary). Go to the drugstore and pick up a matte brown Physicians Formula bronzer. This is my all time secret, i’ve legit only told 3 people. Physicians Formula is the shiz! When u get the bronzer use any contour brush you’d like, i personally use the sephora collection one. Dab the brush in the bronzer and lather it right under your cheekbone. TIP: If you make a kissy face your definition should pop out pretty well. Also blend a little on your forehead in the corners and a smidge in the middle to give you a tan look.

  Must-have angled blush. #50

Physicians Formula bronzer

For the best nose contour, hold your brush so the brussels are tight together then tap on the top of the side of your nose for a skinnier looking nose. When you get to the highlight put a dot on the tip of your nose and a line on the bridge, but not connecting the two… Easiest explanation is, your making an exclamation point on your nose.

Extreme contour example



Honestly highlighter is pretty easy nowadays, there are so many options… maybe too many. Every skin tone has a different color of highlighter they should or better yet could use. Since my skin is light I use an almost white, silver, sparkly color. Although in summer I also use a gold, yellow, shiny color since I get very tan at that time! If your unsure ask the makeup specialists at your local store; ulta, sephora, morphe… wherever you like to go! Morphe has amazing highlighter, it’s $6 and it stays on all day. Anastasia has a palette with all of their highlighters as well that is awesome as well, it’s pricey but it lasts a really long time. I mostly use my compact morphe highlighter. There are two types of brushes you can use: a fan brush, or a more compact brush. I personally have both and I use the compact one more often, but it’s really a personal preference. Once you chose your brush, coat your brush in highlighter, tapping of the excess powder. You want to put the highlighter above your bronzer. So exactly on your cheekbones, a little thing I like to do is extend the line up to my temple. (making a slightly curved L shape) I also put a tiny dab on my chin, in cupid’s bow, and an exclamation point on my nose. (see up above for nose)

Extra- Morphe Highlighter

Highlighter Definer Brush

Soft Fan Brush