Editing photos doesn’t have to be scary. I have so many friends that we’re AMAZING at editing photos. I got intimidated and had them edit my photos for me. Once I actually tried to edit my photos, I realized it’s

  1. really fun
  2. EXTREMELY easy

People make a huge deal of how their instagram feed looks at all times. Me included. Making sure the colors/ edits flow well together is challenging but not hard. Since there are SOOOO many apps to edit photos, I thought I’d help and give my 2 cents on the best! (in my opinion)

The apps I use the most are:

LIGHTROOM: This app used to make me so frustrated, when i used it on my phone. Since buying it on my computer, it has made my life so much easier. Also I learned how to use it on my phone! Lightroom does cost money, but it’s BEYOND worth it!! What I do is set presets of the edits that I have previously done, this makes it 10X easier in the long run. How i edit is: Adding exposure, turning up the saturation/contrast and mess with the temperate/tint. Normally I add temperature (moving towards yellow/ adds warmth to the picture) then I also add tint (moving towards green/ adds even more warmth to the picture).


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VSCO: VSCO is such an amazing app!! I use this all the time! Mostly to edit for my instagram stories; I can go into more detail for those in a different blog. VSCO has free presets in the app already downloaded, these are the ones I use. M5 is my absolute FAVORITE! It adds a vintage, warmth vibe to my photos… A6 is also an amazing edit, it adds color and contrast. If you want a lot of saturation and color, go for preset C4. A4 is another goodie. It adds warmth and a brownish, hardcore vintage vibe to the picture. If you’re wondering how people get the blurry effect to the photo, use GRAIN in this app. I love the feeling it gives the photo….


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UNUM: WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT THIS APP!!! This app is a literal lifesaver. Instead of posting your photo on your instagram in airplane mode, upload it onto UNUM!! Once you make a FREE account, connect your instagram to it. There will be arranging squares in the app where you can upload your photos and rearrange them to how you like them. This helps me soooo much to create a cohesive theme. You can also post straight from the app!!!

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